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2018-19 DuPage County Leadership Team

2018-19 DuPage County Leadership Team

Congratulations to Ahmad Raza for being nominated for the Daily Herald Leadership Team! Congratulations also to Safiyah Azeez for the honorable mention she received in the Daily Herald as well! The DAILY HERALD LEADERSHIP TEAM’s purpose is to recognize high school students who demonstrate leadership through volunteerism and community service.

Applicants were from all public and private high schools in DuPage County or within in the Daily Herald coverage area. Students must be in good academic standing to be nominated and all students from grades 9th-12th are eligible.

A panel of judges at the Daily Herald choose the leadership team students based on various criteria, such as how much leadership the student demonstrates in his/her volunteer work; the type of volunteer work and how important it is; the length of time devoted; and how invested the student when it comes to volunteer work outside of the a school requirement.

Ahmad Raza, Islamic Foundation School

Hometown: Addison

Class: Junior

Parents: Tahir Anjum and Tasmia Mushtaq

Sponsor: Saadia A. Siddiqi, science instructor

Community service: DuPage PADS, volunteer work at the First Church of Lombard; Eid Fest 2016 and 2017, volunteer work at the annual Eid Fest; Addison Public Library, volunteer during the summer; community-based events (fundraisers, parent-teacher conferences and open house); tutoring

Personal statement: “Volunteering is a unique experience that creates bonds that can’t be created anywhere else. It gives someone a feeling that can’t be achieved through work or forced service. It has to be achieved from self-desire. “

Sponsor’s endorsement: “Ahmad is a very motivated, mature student and displays good work ethic. He has actively participated in the laboratory activities and class discussions and sometimes comes up with amazing ideas. Most times he leads the group during labs and activities. His written work shows attention to detail.”