In the name of Allah, Most Merciful and Compassionate.


The Ibrahim Muteferrika Literacy Center

The IMLC was founded in August 2012 with generous donations from the Islamic Foundation School community. The Center housed the middle and high school library collection, eight iMac computers, social seating for fourteen, and classroom seating for twenty four. It was also the home of the Writing Center at IFS, which offered one-on-one tutoring and writing workshops for students and classroom visits and workshops for teachers. The IMLC hosted a number of special events for our students, including Banned Books Week, Malcolm X Day, Poetry Month, and Read Across America Day.

The space once occupied by the IMLC is now home to the Student Life Center.

The IMLC pays tribute to Ibrahim Muteferrika, an 18th-century Turkish Muslim with a profound and far-reaching influence as a diplomat in the Ottoman Empire. He founded the first Islamic printing press in 1726, an impressive feat considering the resistance and controversy in printing religious texts. He worked tirelessly to make these texts more accessible while also introducing the Muslim world to canonized scientific, geographic, reference, and Renaissance writing.